A Call to Action

February 15, 2018

Dear Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman,

This is one more plea from one of your constituents after another mass shooting has taken the lives of seventeen (maybe more, by now) of our children. I urge you to take action now, today, this minute. Bring stricter gun control laws to the floor and vote them into law immediately.

The gun laws are the first step. Are other factors affecting these senseless acts? Absolutely. We need to address the mental health issues plaguing us. Without a doubt, our schools can take better measures to secure their campuses. I am not suggesting that stricter gun laws are the panacea that will guarantee these tragedies will never happen. However, passing gun control legislation is the first step and one that rests squarely on your shoulders. This letter is not meant to be a debate about the second amendment. Most rational people calling for gun control are not against the second amendment. However if you examine any of these events (tragically, we have amassed quite a bit of material for study) the notion that our current lax gun laws are not enabling these acts is reprehensible.

Today, I am pledging to never vote again for anyone who opposes reasonable gun control laws. I will put aside my views on any other issue. I will not look at your views on taxes, the budget, immigration, infrastructure or anything else. I will simply look at your voting record on gun control and vote against you.

I believe the President said in his State of the Union Address that Americans are Dreamers too. Well, it is time to back up that statement. How many more dreamers need to die before you gather the courage to act? Do we really want to go down in history as the society who stood by and allowed our children to die terrible deaths in their own schools? I urge to look into your hearts and do what is right.

Respectfully yours,

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